Our Portfolio

Sprokholt Aerdenhoudt & Chedi Waldorff B.V.

100% Daughter company of DS & LS Holding B.V.

From this company third parties are able to purchase shares, with a high dividend income. From every share of €. 1,00 we will provide €. 0,35 dividend income. To request information about the purchase of these share, press the button Buy Share on the home page. Sprokholt Aerdenhoudt & Chedi Waldorff B.V. is only investing in Stock Market companies in The Netherlands and the United States of America, like AKZO Nobel, DSM, ABN Amro Bank, Heineken & ArcelorMittal and many others.

Medical Center Sprokholt & Chedi B.V.

100% Daughter of DS & LS Holding B.V.

This company Medical Center Sprokholt & Chedi B.V. is specialized in BacterioPhage and in the sale of Vitamine supplements and CBD oil. A good organised Webshop is part of this company.


Our future purchases are;

1) Waldorff Industrial GmbH in Germany and their three Machine

    Factories and three Buildings in South Germany;

2) Gulf CTG DR Congo Sarl (*), we are going to set up a factory in

     Lumbumbashi where we going to refine Cupper, Cobalt & Molybdeen;

3) DS & LS Vastgoed B.V. (*), a Dutch company for (Commercial) Real

     estate in the Netherlands and in Europe;

4) Laudan CTG B.V. in the Netherlands, trading company in Fresh Products,  

    this company will be sold in the next months;

5) Gulf Car Centre B.V. (*), this company is purchaging cars from the United 

    Arab Emirates and will be sold in the Netherlands;

6) Brilliant Holding B.V., in the Netherlands, this is an trading company in Beverages, including their 100% daughter Brilliant Logitics B.V.;

(*) = new companies to be setup in the next 4 months

Sprokholt & Bisessar B.V. 

50% owned by DS & LS Holding B.V.

Sprokholt & Bisessar B.V. is a company who is specialised in Logistics, Custom Services and Fiscal representative. The company is setup in the month November 2019 and is a startup with the other Partners Mr. R. Bisessar, who was a Custom Agent at the Dutch Authority.

Gulf CTG B.V.

100% Daughter company of DS & LS Holding B.V.

Gulf CTG B.V. The activities of this company is Commodity Trading Group (CTG). This company is selling;

1) Coffee Beans, 2) Cacao Beans, 3) Sugar IC45, 4) Refined Salt, 5) Frozen Tuna Fish, 6) Salted Fish, 7) Cooking Oil, 8) Wheat/Corn Flour.


These are our Stock market companies investments