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The investment company DS & LS Holding B.V. is investing in companies all over the World, such as Industrial Companies,

Financial companies, Medical Companies & Trading companies. The company is only investing in these companies,

the management will be done by third parties only.  In this year we will have companies/factoring in India, DR Congo,

Switzerland & United Arab Emirates. Also one of our Major investments is in the Medical company

"Sprokholt & Chedi Medical Centre B.V.", a company in the Adaptive Phage Therapy.

Personal Mentorship

As investment company we are able to purchase your company. After the purchase the previous owner could still be part of the management.

Type of Investments

The type of investmenst are;

1) Industrial companies;

2) Finance companies;

3) Trading Companies;

4) Investment in (precious) metals;

5) Real Estate.

Business Planning

Ater the purchase of the companies, we will make a financial plan.

Private Banks



BUY SHARES IN Sprokholt Aerdenhoudt

& Chedi Waldorff B.V. with a

return of investment of

35% per year

DS & LS Holding B.V. is selling shares of her daughter company "Sprokholt Aerdenhoudt & Chedi Waldorff B.V." Every share of

€. 1.00 gives a dividend of €. 0,35 per year. Minimimum investment in shares is €. 50.000,=, the investment is always less than 5% of the total share value of the Equity of the company.

How to become Share Holder



To become one of the Share Holders of "Sprokholt Aerdenhoudt & Chedi Waldorff B.V.",

you have to provide us;

1) History of Funds (How did you earn the money);

2) All clients have to sign a anit-money-laundering form(s);

in which they are saying "All funds used for purchasing the share

are good, clear and clean and from non-criminal origin.

3) In some cases we will provide the investor a Bank Guarantee equal 

the investment, so no risk for the Investor.



The Management of DS & LS Holding B.V.


Grow your business by buying shares of Sprokholt Aerdenhoudt & Chedi Waldorff B.V., go the the site and follow the instruction on the site.